About EcoRub AB

EcoRub AB is a development company working with ecological rubber – called EcoRub® . By that we mean a material that mainly consists of recycled rubber from tires. It´s bonded to Polyethylene or Polypropylene with patented copolymers. PE and PP is frequently recycled and then the material consists 95 % of recycled polymers.

We’ve been working since 1995 with this under the name Rerub AB.  We have three subsidiaries -  Arbergo AB, which develops, manufactures and sells the work place mats, EcoElast AB witch develops and sells products from EcoRub® and agriculture products through ProFarma AB.

In  2009 we started a cluster project in northern Sweden to seek the market for ecological rubber. The cluster includes designcompanies, development companies and companies with connections to the market.

One of the cluster members,  Apocalyps Labotek , have received a very prestigious design award – Wallpaper Design Awards 2010 – for best recycling design!

From 2010, and three years ahead, a project financed by the EU – EcoInnovation – will be conducted. EU finance half the project cost and the other half is funded by EcoRub and the three partner companies. The EU has noted that there are a number of environmental innovations that are developed clearly but have difficulty in entering the market. That is the reason for this call. Our project is called ACE – Advanced pre-commercialization of Eco rubber materials – and is the only project that deals with the reuse of tire rubber for the creation of a new material funded by the EU.

This program aims to help eco-innovations enter the European market. The innovation has to be ready for the market. No work in the innovation is possible within the project.

The goal for the ACE-project is:

The creating of Europe´s first value chain of recycled rubber from end-of-life tyres to high quality rubber & plastic end products brings the beginning of a solution for the recycling of tires in Europe.

At  2015 the goal is to  have a market value of 25 M€

This projects first half aims to identify possible uses and markets for the innovation. We have succeeded very well with that and must really exclude a long list of prospects to focus on a handful of projects that we will have resources for.

The properties for the material is very good and exceeds properties for similar virgin material as EPDM, Santoprene, etc . The material has supreme ageing properties,  are easy to glue, has very good flex values and is easy to reuse. The hybrid material is a thermoplastic material and has substantial lower production cost compared to vulcanized materials.

The invention has proof of concept since it has been used in the USA for soon 20 years. Between 15.000 and 20.000 ton are annually produced there. Half goes to the automotive business.

We are four partners in this.

1. Tyres Herco SA in Greece is a rubber powder supplier and will develop various standard grades of raw material for us.

2. Business Interest Association, ACS is a carsubcontractor cluster in Slovenia to find applications for our materials in cars.

3. Karlsruher institut fur Technologie is a research institution working with construction materials and to seek and develop applications for this.

4. EcoRub AB is the project leader and have the primary responsibility for the customization of the material and to seek European markets for ecological rubber.