Cars with recycled rubber

The U.S. produced, in 2006, approximately 7500 tonnes of ecological rubber in three companies to American cars in accordance with the patent EcoRub AB owns Europe.

The Swedish car companies is owned by American car companies and the materials is also approved for use in the Swedish cars. What is missing is the approval of application level. The benefit for the customer is that the applications are usually less expensive than current products. They are (usually) lower weight. They are equal or higher quality. They do automotive recycling requirements, which the current does not.

The total market in Europe for products made of recycled rubber for the car industry which in technology, quality and price is competitive with existing products, has been estimated at 200 000 tonnes per year – approximately 5,000,000,000 SEK. This represents about the amount of tires that are discarded in Scandinavia.

 Below you will find the products found in the cars today.


Anti-vibrational pad Ford Approved
Splash guard Ford Approved
Air deflector shield Ford Approved
Radiator seal Ford Approved
Anti-splash shield Ford Approved
Body plug Ford Approved
Close-out-shield Ford Approved
Body plug DaimlerChrysler Approved
Close-out-shield GM Approved
Radiator seal #2 Ford Development
Splash shield#2 Ford Development
Gas tank strap pad Ford Development
Splash shields (2) GM Development
Body plug GM Development
Grommets DC/Ford/GM Potential
Over-slam bumpers DC/Ford/GM Potential
Strut dust cover DC/Ford/GM Potential
Anti-skid pads DC/Ford/GM Potential
Dust cover boots DC/Ford/GM Potential
Fender liner DC/Ford/GM Potential
Mud flaps DC/Ford/GM Potential
Bumper stops DC/Ford/GM Potential
Emergency brake pedal pad DC/Ford/GM Potential
Wheel Well liner DC/Ford/GM Potential

(The list are from year 2005, today everybody is approved.)

Measured in tonnes, the largest item is mudguards for trucks and passenger cars. Here is the spare parts market dominant. Then the mats lying on the beds of pickups and similar, then the seal around the wheel arches, air intake and radiator package will take place. Now the sealing strip round doors and windows are under development, and the same applies to one material that can be used in the ”bumper” and other bodyparts.